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    presenting the complete freshers' recruitment solution
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    • Easy access to on-campus and off-campus jobseekers
    • Virtual campus connection and student engagement
    • Just-in-time hiring solution with multiple options to hire from
    • Dynamic support system to optimize hiring quality, cost and time
    • Integrated assessment and work flow management solutions
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    offcampus™ connects Job seekers, Institutes and Employers together to enable seamless end-to-end freshers hiring. It assists you in hand-picking the best available candidates in the market. We can claim that it is the most comprehensive one-stop solution providing 360* support both for on-campus and off-campus recruitments. We guarantee higher quality of hiring and improved operational efficiency at a lower cost, irrespective of your mode of recruitment.

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    Job posting

    Comes with basic subscription

    You can create Job requirements and post it on the portal for job-seekers to view and apply against the jobs. This can be viewed by anyone without registering in offcampus.
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    Online Database

    Comes with basic subscription

    We connect job-seeker with employers primarily through the institutes, both academic and vocational (finishing schools) who register in offcampus and upload their passing out students, available for placement. This database gives you access to such candidates directly. You need to search for the Institute, know their batch availability and get connected with the students registered online. You can pick from already enrolled institutes or can send us your preferred list of institutes and we will try and bring them on board for you to access their placement batches.
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    Offline Database

    Comes free with basic subscription

    Jobseekers, particularly 12th and Degree students, who normally do not register in online portals are available through this database. We collect their details through their institutes or through local channel partners and maintain in this database. You can conduct GD and Personal Interview through offcampus™ system and store assessment record for these candidates. However online tests are not possible through this database.
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    Offcampus™ Elite

    Comes free with basic subscription

    offcampus™ elite program conducts on-campus assessment drives for different functional roles, based on pre-defined assessment parameters, designed keeping in mind the standard industry needs. If you do not wish to visit campuses for time or cost constraints, you can simply pass on your hiring needs to us and we will include your requirement in elite assessments with ”0” cost to you. Institutes or jobseekers pay for such assessments, hence all such candidates assessed, along with their test scores and interview comments will be available to you free of cost.
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    Online Assessment

    Pay as per number of candidates you assess

    Offcampus™ has an in-built assessment platform with a varied question bank for employers to use to test their candidates. You can customize your own question paper with multiple subjects and topics, number of questions and difficulty level. You can also conduct the online test with the help of just one invigilator while you are controlling the administration of the test remotely. It also helps you manage your Group Discussions (GD) and Personal Interviews (PI) systematically. Offcampus™ additionally provides you approved local invigilators to administer the tests and reduce your travel cost.
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    Selection Management System

    Comes free with basic subscription

    This is an integrated workflow that helps you manage your selection process. You can track progress of your job requirements right from application stage till selection. Your dash board view will give you quick information on the number of candidates applied for the job, how many you have processed for selection at different stages etc. You can find exact match candidates here and save your hiring time and efforts. It also allows you to communicate to your candidates through email and sms and manage all your communications.
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    Agency Management System

    Comes free with basic subscription

    Agency management module will help you find and connect with recruitment agencies or freelancers across the country. You can also register your own empanelled agencies in the system. It gives you the flexibility to decide on the referral fee and share requirements with any agency or freelancer to get suitable candidates. You can manage resume submissions by the agencies, short-listing and status updates through this automated process. It will increase your reach to a larger candidate pool and enable a better and faster hiring process.
    Time period of subscription validity
    RPO Services

    Pay per event, linked with slab based participation volume

    We conduct on-campus or off-campus interview drives on behalf of our customers. You can select Institutes from the offcampus™ registered ones or send us your preferred colleges or locations and we will do the rest for you. We guarantee you a minimum number of participants before accepting the mandate and agree on the commercial terms accordingly. Processes, such as sourcing candidates, conducting Written Test, Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI) and end-to-end event administration can be managed by our team and you can monitor the process virtually. Cost of such services to be worked out, based on your need.
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    Campus Drives

    Flexi participation and payment option

    We conduct on-campus and off-campus drives at various talent catchment areas. You simply need to pass on your hiring need to us and we would invite you to the drives based on your requirement. We would do the preliminary assessments and send you only qualified candidates for your further interview and selection. You can either pay a participation fee and hire unlimited candidates or participate free and pay per selection.
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